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Monday, December 12 2016

Tis the Season…

December 1 to January 1 is a crazy time of the year for most of us.  There are parties with collegues, family gatherings, end of the year celebrations and the hustle bustle of the season.  It is an emotional rollercoaster and for many people - it is the toughest time of the year.  To make matters worse, it is also the most hazzardous month of the year! 

Key Seasonal Hazzards include:

               Fires from dry Christmas trees and candles

               Slip and Fall from Ice, Rain and Snow

               Theft – Identity Theft, Car Theft and Home Robberies

               Faulty Toy Products and Pet Products

               Food Poisoning

Here are a few tips to make the most of the season and get to January with your sanity intact:

  1. Always carve out personal down time for yourself.  This month is emotionally stressful and having a plan to zone out, meditate, do yoga, take a long walk will help keep you balanced. 
  2. Plan ahead and be prepared.  Have a December Calander schedule with all the events and parties scheduled out. Have your outfits planned, reservations made in advance, potluck contributions planned out and hostess gifts wrapped.
  3. Shop online!   Why battle the crowds?   Online shopping has so many advantages. Free shipping on many sites and tons more options. Check websites for the HTTPS and the locked icon for payment protection.  Also pay with a credit card that has protection!
  4. If you are hosting a party, ask a few key friends to come early and help.  Also make sure you have adequate limits on your homeowners/renters policy in case someone gets hurt on your property.  If you have your party elsewhere, make sure to have Event Insurance!
  5. Instead of traditional candles, use the flameless candles for anything that is near the tree or fabric.  Make sure you check the house before heading to bed for any lit candles.
  6. If you are in an area that snows, make sure to have rock ice handy for the walkways!
  7. When buying toys or pet products, it is a good idea to get Made in the USA.  If it is not, check the label and warranty closely.
  8. If you have to drive, leave early and plan for delays.  Accidents do happen but minimize this risk by not speeding to your destination.
  9. Don’t let anyone leave a party drunk (including yourself).  With Uber and Lyft, there are no excuses to risk it.  
  10. Use a little time before the New Year to refect on the ups and downs of the year.  What went well?  What did not?   Think about how you could make 2017 an even better year!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday season, a Merry Christmas and a festive New Years! Cheers to 2017!

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